Marketplace 1.3.7

  • Added option for taxable fees
    It’s now possible to make “per order” fees taxable.
  • Fixed taxes visibility for vendors
    Now vendors don’t see taxes in the order table by default.
  • Fixed recurring payout attempts
    There was an issue with infinite payout attempts with Stripe.
  • Fixed order requirements validation
    Fields were marked as required, but empty values passed.
  • Fixed order restriction settings
    There was an issue with restriction settings being hidden.

Hello: when will be the update for the details of the rate in all stages of the reservation (as in the theme in screenshot) - I find your theme really excellent, but the big flaw (at the user experience level) remains the calendar and the detail rates in the booking steps

Thanks for your feedback, we’re aware that some important features are still missing but we hope to deliver them as soon as possible, we’re currently working without weekends and looking for another 2 developers to join our team so the development will speed up.


What dev stack are you looking for in a developer?

PHP/HTML/CSS/JS (jQuery), with WordPress experience (creating or customizing WordPress themes and plugins).

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