Marketplace 1.3.8

  • Added buyer commission rate and fee
    Now it’s possible to add commissions on the buyer side.
  • Added the ability to view orders by admins
    Admins can now view order pages for dispute purposes.
  • Added source transactions to Stripe Connect
    This allows processing payouts before the payment arrives.
  • Fixed repeated failed payout attempts
    There was an issue with scheduling payout attempts.

Thank you Ihor. Alot of improvements and features now. Good job

Thank you Ihor for the buyer commission rate and fee!
Is it possible to hide the buyer fee from the vendor?

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Awesome! Now i just have to figure out Stripe. Thank for adding buyer commissions/fees!

For those who need to translate “Service Fee”: 1x sync loco tranlate after updating the plugin.

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Thanks for the kind words, we’ll try to deliver more features soon :slightly_smiling_face:

@Abe This one is planned for the next update, indeed sellers don’t need to see the service fee amount.

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Thanks Ihor buyer commission fee working well just tested with price extras and everything.

Any chance you can explain “Source Transaction” in a bit more detail? As far as I know if you try to make a transfer before the funds become available in Stripe the Stripe balance could go negative and a payout or transfer won’t occur. Currently we set our booking offset out by 6 days so we know we allow enough time for the payment to settle before attempting any transfers.


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Bravo, buyers fee seems to work great with Stripe Connect.

Also the Source Transaction seems to be a huge improvements, although I do not know all the nitty gritty of Stripe Connect API and functionalities. Seemes to solve alot of the failed transactions

ihor sorry, but when I translate the string "Service Fee” it won’t affect on checkout. Did I miss something?

Restart the check-out flow if you have an order with an old “string” stored from your order flow that you are previously looking at. Loco won’t reflect the recent changes you made in loco-translate on an old order. You will see your new translated strings on a new order.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the help buddy. That makes sense, but unfortunately it’s not the solution for me.

Are you updating “Service Fee” in the HivePress Marketplace extension? All I had to do was Sync Loco Translate after the update, change Service Fee to Custom Fee and save changes.

Hope this helps,


Sometimes it’s just weird. I’ve updated woocommerce. Synced the marketplace extions again, then “Service Fee” didn’t have any translation at all. Translated & saved it - not it works fine.

Thank you though! :pray:t2:


How can admin to view order pages? In Hivepress - Settings - Order, there is not function that can be ticked in order to view th orders. Or the orders appear automatically in the admin dashboard? And I thinking there is a delay until the orders appear as in the case of messages.

Could be implemented in the future a tax fee for payouts? For exemple, when the vendor request a payout, there to be a fix fee for bank transfer (ex.the vendor requests a withdrawal of 100$. From this amount, the bank transfer fee (2$) must be deducted from this amount)

Thank you!


You can view all orders in WooCommerce > Orders.

There are two ways to specify the commission for vendors (hosts):

  • Globally for all vendors (hosts);
  • Different commissions for specific vendors (hosts).

Globally for all vendors (hosts):

To set this commission, you need to go to HivePress > Settings > Vendors (Hosts) > Selling section. There is a possibility to set two commission options here:

  1. Commission Rate - the percentage of commission that will be charged for each purchase;

  2. Commission Fee - a fixed commission fee that will be charged on every purchase.

Different commissions for specific vendors:

To set commission for specific vendors, navigate to Vendors (Hosts) > Edit existing vendor (host) > in the Settings section will be displayed two fields Commission Rate and Commission Fee.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I know that. I think I was not clear. If I set a Commission Fee for all vendors or for specific vendors, that mean this commission will be applied at each sell.

I’m not referring to the commission charged for each sale, I’m referring to the commission for withdrawing the money. Because the vendor can withdrawal the money when he wants, let’s to say after 10 sells. And the bank commission for transfer money from the admin’s bank account to the vendor’s account is only 2$.

If I set as you said, that mean I have to charged commission for each sale. Which is not ok because the vendor can withdraw his money even after 10 sales, but the bank transfer commission is the same, 2$. And if I set Commission Fee for each sale, that mean for 10 sells the the administrator will charge 20$ (2 x 10), which is not ok.

Please consider a commission rate and fee that will cover the payout fees for sure, because it’s not possible to predict them (there may be many different options for payouts, e.g. PayPal or bank transfer and they often have complex fees depending on the amount). HivePress allows you to set commission rate and fee on the vendor and buyer sides, and this commission can then be used to cover all the other operational fees, taxes etc.

Thank you ihor

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Hi @ihor To improve transparency, how can we let buyers know that the extra amount is the service fee or buyer commission? On rentalhive, the price just gets added with no additional info. Take a look at how airbnb does it.

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Hi ihor,
I will try to use the commission rate and fee to cover the transfer fees to the vendor.
Thank you!