Membership not created automatically


I created a few membership plans, connected them with their respective WooCommerce products, and made a test purchase using a non-admin account. The purchase went through, but no membership was created. Am I wrong in assuming that this should happen automatically?



We have checked your purchases and it looks like you are still using the Memberships extension for which you received a refund. Please uninstall this extension or re-purchase it. Otherwise, you will be denied support and all other licenses will be canceled.

Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize that. I’ve re-purchased the extension and added the license key as described in the confirmation email.


I see. Thank you. Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.

Nevermind, it was my mistake. I had a mixup between the WooCommerce products and the HivePress memberships; they weren’t linked the way they needed to be.

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