Membership set up clarification

When setting up Membership Plans,
I am trying to understand how to limit views of pages meaning vs attribute views.
In the settings, I am able to mark “Limit number of views” and if I put Restrictions on “All Pages” it limits people from clicking into specific categories off the landing page which previews all categories and some listings.
(Also, when I put single pages, it is not clear if this limits people clicking into an individual listing, but allows them to view the categories and listings preview in the category page.)
But when creating specific membership plans, the “view limit” appears to be for attributes not pages. So when I test a free membership plan which has “view limit” of 2, it does not seem to count down when I click on multiple pages of categories or individual listings. Please help me understand.

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You need first to select the restrictions in HivePress > Settings > Memberships (e.g., Listings > Single Pages). Then, when creating a plan, you can choose which pages to hide.

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