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I recently purchased the Memberships extension, managed to create the different membership plans (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3), and connected them with their respective WooCommerce products. What I haven’t understood yet is how I manage to restrict their access to certain listings.

To be precise, I want to restrict publishing listings with certain attributes, and to restrict viewing listings that have (these) certain attributes. I’ve seen in the documentation that it’s possible to restrict access to attributes, but I haven’t really understood how this is implemented. Is this something I have to do in the WooCommerce products?

In our e-mail thread (I’m transferring this discussion from an e-mail thread I started over to this post so that more people can weigh in, so that users with the same problem can use this as future reference, and so the devs don’t have to answer so many questions and can focus on what they presumably prefer doing, aka coding and bringing awesome new features), @andrii suggested I read through this post, but there it says restricting access to certain categories based on Memberships would require a custom code snippet.

Judging from the following answer, however, I deducted that it is in fact possible to restrict the access accordingly:

So I was wondering how to do that :slight_smile:

If anybody could help, that’d be highly appreciated.


There are 3 levels of restrictions:

  • Single pages (pages that display the details of a single listing)
  • Archive pages (e.g. listing categories, All Listings page, listing search results - all pages where listing cards are displayed with pagination)
  • Attributes (listings can be viewed, but specific details are hidden with “Reveal” link that requires a membership)

If you mean applying restrictions for specific categories, unfortunately, there’s no such feature yet, it would require a custom code snippet.

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I see. I think in this case I find the description in the Extension store a little misleading, as it states that you can “Add free or paid plans with custom expiration and restrictions.” Maybe this was just me hearing what I wanted to hear, but I got the impression that you could create custom plans with custom restrictions (i.e., restrictions that you can define yourself without being limited to certain features).

Knowing what I know now, I understand the description a little better, but without understanding the way the extension works, I did find it a bit misleading.

In any case, would the code snippet mentioned in this post allow me to achieve what I am trying to do?


Thank you for your feedback, and we will review the extension’s description.

Memberships extension for the user-side, it allows you to restrict the search and viewing of specific pages or attributes, and Paid Listings for the vendor side, adding listings and features.

Unfortunately, that code snippet won’t work for you, as it requires a custom implementation.

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