Menu header floating

Hello, I have managed to put the menu in sticky mode but it covers the image below.

In other words, the menu covers the area below and hides it, preventing it from being seen.

I need help.

Could you tell me how to fix it?

Thank you,

@media screen and (max-width: 47.99em){
.header-navbar { 
margin:0 auto;
border-bottom:1px solid #dadada;
text-align: center;

Sorry, we can’t help with debugging this customizations since it’s not a built-in feature that we offer with the theme. Please consider using Sticky Header plugins and hiring a developer (e.g. via Fiverr) to troubleshoot styling issues if you’re not familiar with CSS.

Ihor te estoy pidiendo un poco de ayuda . Me he preocupado de buscar una solución para hacer un menú pegajoso y solo pido una pequeña ayuda que seguramente es añadir alguna línea para que no tape lo que hay debajo.
Además no entiendo por qué no puedes ayudarme y muchas otras veces me has facilitado a mi y otros usuarios fragmentos de código Max complejos.
No me parece bien.
No creo que para un profesional como tú le ocasione un problema revisar el problema de mi fragmento.
De todos modos dejo escrito mi fragmento por si le sirve a algún usuario de este foro y quiere usarlo.

Ihor I am asking you for a little help. I have been concerned about finding a solution to make a sticky menu and I only ask for a little help, which is surely to add a line so that it does not cover what is below.
Also I don’t understand why you can’t help me and many other times you have provided me and other users with complex Max code snippets.
It doesn’t seem right to me.
I don’t think it would be a problem for a professional like you to review the problem of my snippet.
In any case, I leave my fragment written in case it is useful to any user of this forum and wants to use it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but customizations are beyond our support scope. Yes, sometimes we share common code snippets that we can add to our collection but fixing third-party CSS code is not something we can help with. With 99% of other plugins there would be no code snippets or code guidance at all, usually their support is limited to the software usage only. We will have to stop providing snippets someday too since it’s developer’s work (once our developer docs will have 100% coverage and there will be a huge collection of snippets). Thanks for your understanding.

Hello, I still don’t like your answer. Do you want me to send you all the css customizations that you have provided to users among them to me?

I don’t think you do it because you don’t want to, not because it’s very complicated. I think it’s an excuse. I’m going to tell you what I think and I hope it doesn’t bother you but Yevhen helps this community much more than you do. And I hope you do not forget that all the users who have bought this plugin have done it because we believe that it is a very good software and that we also have a great team that helps us to make a web application for our projects because without your help we would not be able and most of us. If we don’t have the help service you give, I’m sure that most of us would choose not to buy this plugin and hire some programmers to make our web application.

I just ask you to see my code snippet, which is 10 lines, and to help me in case I have to add any or measure any value.

I know that there are users interested in implementing a floating menu and if my code fragment works for them, I am very happy to be able to help them.

Thank you and I ask you to help me…

Please check the support policy here, there’s a section about customizations Support Policy | HivePress Sometimes we share simple or common code snippets specific to HivePress framework, but we’re not obliged to.

We’re providing you with support for at least 1.5 years, even on the old support forum, e.g. remove the dark veil on the photos | HivePress Support Over these 1.5 years we provided many solutions for you including code snippets.

You don’t see frequent answers from me anymore because our team grows and we have dedicated support now, Yevhen is our developer responsible for technical questions on the forum.

If you find our support policy too strict or our team unhelpful please consider using other software, but I guarantee that this policy is the same anywhere, developers will not spend their time developing a website for you (they charge a hourly rate for this), and the fixed price you pay for the software includes fixing bugs in the advertised features (this way you know that you get what you pay for) and general guidance about the features.

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