Message before booking

I think it is highly unlikely and also risky to book someone before asking some questions. Although you can search for the person, some users might not know that that… Is there a way to add a contact or reply button next to the book now?

It seems to be the request page, not the booking page from the Bookings extension - please let me know if there were customizations (e.g. changing the Accept Offer label to Book Now). If it’s a request offer you can try this PHP snippet to insert the message icon, the same as in the vendor block:

	function ( $template ) {
		if(hivepress()->get_version( 'messages' )){
			$template = hivepress()->helper->merge_trees(
				'blocks' => [
					'offer_actions_primary' => [
						'blocks' => [
							'message_send_modal' => [
								'type'        => 'modal',
								'model'       => 'vendor',
								'title'       => hivepress()->translator->get_string( 'send_message' ),
								'_capability' => 'read',
								'_order'      => 5,

								'blocks'      => [
									'message_send_form' => [
										'type'       => 'message_send_form',
										'_order'     => 10,

										'attributes' => [
											'class' => [ 'hp-form--narrow' ],

							'message_send_link'  => [
								'type'   => 'part',
								'path'   => 'vendor/view/block/message-send-link',
								'_order' => 10,
		return $template;

Hey this seems to be a great fix is there a way to make the icon match?

If you mean changing the icon then it is possible. You can check the icon codes here Search v5 Icons | Font Awesome

If you mean styling message icon as button Book Now then it will require advanced customization. If you’re familiar with CSS please try using Developer Tools to view CSS classes View and change CSS - Chrome Developers to make changes to the message link

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