Messages 1.3.0

  • Added message monitoring
    Now administrators can monitor the conversations of other users (this must be enabled in HivePress/Settings/Messages) in Account/Messages.
  • Fixed integration with templates
    Message templates are now available for customization in HivePress/Templates section like any other HivePress templates.

This is a very nice improvement. Thumbs up.

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Great work!

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This is very nice improvement. However, is it possible to adjust the coding such that the users seeing or getting the message will be contingent upon admin approving it in the dashboard.

Thank you hior and the team.

Thanks! If you mean moderating every message before it appears for users there’s no such feature yet, but we’ll consider adding it.

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Please add pagination, because who has 1000 messages the page scroll become infinite.


Yes, we’re aware of this issue and the AJAX pagination is on the roadmap. We’ll try to improve the UX with every update.

Where do you actually navigate to to see the messages?

Check your wordpress dashboard @jusjordan47

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Do they appear in comments?

Yes they appear in comments

@jusjordan47 If you enable monitoring in HivePress/Settings/Messages and you’re the site admin, you can see all the conversations on the site in your own messages in Account/Messages on the front-end (the admin conversations appear immediately, others conversations are refreshed every 24 hours, or if you send or receive at least 1 message).

@Mindengrave If you were using the code snippet that made the messages publicly visible as comments in WordPress/Comments please consider removing it.

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Hi, What is hivepress/models used for, do you have examples (pic or tutorial) of its usefulness?

It’s a developer-level term, if you’re familiar with PHP and WordPress please check more details here Models - Developer Docs

ok I’ve look it, not for me😄. Thank you

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