Messages don't appear for monitoring

While I am trying to deactivate the ‘request plugin’ the ‘messaging plugin’ was not working properly. The messages are not listed in the comments section, I am not able to monitor the chat message. I have tried to deactivate the plugin too, but no use.
Kindly help

Please try to enable monitoring in settings, then any conversations will appear in the Account/Settings section of your admin account (on the front-end). There is a caching so refreshing conversations may take about 1 hour. You can try sending a message between the other 2 users and check if the conversation appears.

Messages were never listed in comments, but there was a temporary code fix for this before the monitoring was implemented, I don’t recommend using this fix because making messages public as comments may not be secure, e.g. messages may appear in RSS feeds.

I have already enable the ‘Allow monitoring messages’ in message settings. But the comments messages shows empty. While I am disabled the Hivepress Messages plugin the old messages are stored in the comments section. I am not able to get what’s wrong. Here I attached the screen short for your reference.

Disable the message plugin, message shown in comments section.

Kindly check and provide the solution.

Messages shouldn’t be displayed in the Comments section at all, this would be a bug. Yes, messages are implemented as hidden comments of “hp_message” type (to avoid creating a new database table in WordPress), but they shouldn’t be displayed as comments. They are displayed as comments when you disable HivePress Messages because the HivePress Messages extension stops restricting the message visibility so WordPress thinks that “hp_message” comments are regular ones.

Please try using monitoring instead, there may be a delay of about 1 hour in displaying other’s conversations but all the conversations should appear. If they are not please send steps for reproducing this issue or temporary WP access to and I’ll check this.

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