MLS real estate integration

Hello Team. I using the marketplace theme for schools listings and want to add a MLS real estate listing section under each school/city. Please what are your recommendations to do this. some google research suggest LMS/IDX plugins integrations…but before digging further…do you have any thoughts on how to achieve this ? Thank you

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I have used IDX before and works pretty well. You can create a button with a link to the MLS real estate section or you can put it in another page or section of your website. Just note some states you need to be a real estate broker to display MLS listings or be part of the MLS local board.

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Hello Aqmiami7
Thxs lot for your feedback. Appreciated it. Do you have a particular IDX to recommend ?

I used IDX Broker. There is also FlexMLS which I heard is also good.


Thank you! much appreciated

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