Moderation of updates/changes in listings

Hi, I have the following issue regarding the moderation of updates/changes in listings.

Steps to reproduce

User has created (in front end) a listing with many attributes, among them one “Attachment” attribute is marked as Moderated (in back end) upon change/update.

As I didn’t want the whole attachment link to be displayed to page visitors, I used the following code in attribute’s display format: %icon% ATTACHMENT: <a href="%value%">Download here</a> (%icon% ATTACHMENT: <a href="%value%">Download here</a>)

Now, the user updated/changed (in front end) their listing, e.g. one attribute that is NOT MARKED as moderated.

Actual result

The listing has not been updated, instead it has been sent to page admin for approval (moderation). In the information email to page admin, it’s stated that “Attachment” attribute has been updated/changed, what is not true.

Expected result

If the attribute is NOT marked as moderated, it should be updated (in front end) by listing owner without further approval/moderation from page admin

Extra details

To me it seems that after any listing update/change, the code above is run and that is considered as an update/change to actually moderated “Attachment” attribute…

Thanks for your ideas!

Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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