Modifying the display of the user edit settings page

Hey there! I’m having lots of fun customizing my HivePress (JobHive) theme, and have made a few custom templates using the standard override template process.

However what I can’t quite seem to figure out is how to modify (custom PHP, some other elements) the User Edit Settings page. I don’t see a page template dedicated to that. Let’s say for instance I want to insert a video above the form, or conditionally hide the form entirely based on user role, and instead show something else… Is this possible?



If I understood you correctly, then please try to edit the User (Settings) template in HivePress > Templates using this doc How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

​I hope this is helpful to you.

This is something I’d tried, however none of the blocks that HivePress make available include the User Settings form:
So I don’t see, therefore, how you could use a HivePress template to rebuild and customize the user settings form without that block.

Can it be done via a PHP file or add_filters()?


Please make sure you save the template after selecting it from the drop-down list; you should see a block named Form.