Monetizing on the b2b marketplace

In Brazil, payment directly to the seller is common when a company buys services and when larger amounts are involved.

I would like to understand how to allow direct payment, but ensuring registration of the sale and subsequent collection of the marketplace commission.
What would the business model be?

Please send more details about this issue, you already can process payments directly via the website using Marketplace - or you mean charging just the commission and allowing customers/vendors to pay the rest in person (e.g. for large amounts)?

The last thing you said is interesting.

Only the commission can be charged and the customer can pay the supplier in person.?

A quotation of higher values, originated in our marketplace can generate an order “outside” or transfer to the seller’s bank account without going through the portal.
Companies rarely pay amounts to third parties and sellers rarely report these sales to the marketplace.
The challenge is to secure commission in these cases.

Unfortunately there’s no such feature yet, but it’s on the roadmap, e.g. this will allow charging the commission only (or a specific % of the total amount) and pay the rest in person or via another way (depending on the customer/vendor agreement via messages).

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Hello Ihor, do you know what approximate or estimated date there is for that action to collect a % of the total?

Sorry, there’s no ETA but we’ll add this as soon as possible. For example, the next update will implement fixed commission fees in addition to %.

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