More than one discount does not work properly


just came across a strange bug. Applying more than one discount to a listing when booking more than X nights only works if discounts are greater every time. If you add a discount that is lower than the previous one, it does not work, and the discount applied is the previous one (the immediate one with less nights)

Steps to reproduce

Create a listing, for example an apartment rental. Create several discounts for it depending on nights booked, but not necessarily adding more discount with more nights. For example:
4 nights: 10%
8 nights: 12%
10 nights: 8%
20 nights: 15%

Actual result

When booking anything between 10 and 19 nights, the discount applied is 12% instead of 8%

Expected result

Between 10 and 19 nights, discount should be 8%

Extra details

It is important that you can define discounts as needed, even lowering the percentage with more nights. This is because I am using a workaround because Rentalhive does not allow discounts with fixed values (prices, like: 10 nights: 5 eur, 12 nights: 3 eur…), so I have to calculate percentages, and it is hard to match. Also because percentages are in full numbers and do not accept decimal places.

Thank you!


Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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