More than one iCal link Rentalhive

Is there a way other host and I can add more than one iCal link for a listing? Like for instance I also host the same property on VRBO and Airbnb. So, I would like to add the iCal link from both of these sites. As of right now, from what I see, you can only add one.

Unfortunately there’s no such option in the current version, but you can try using one of these third-party platforms as an intermediary, e.g. set multiple iCal links for Airbnb so Booking will be in sync with Airbnb, and your with will also be in sync with it.

@ihor I attempted to add one google calendar to another google calendar, and then add the google calendar with both calendars integrated into one of my listings. It seems to only sync for the main calendar and not the other google calendar that I synced with the main calendar. I am trying to accommodate for vendors that have listings on multiple platforms to ensure they do not get double bookings.

Please make sure that the whole sequence of calendars is linked correctly, HivePress in its turn just re-checks the ICS link you set for a listing (in the Import URL field) every 15mins, and if there are any events in the ICS file it blocks these dates in the calendar. Similarly, if you set Export URL of a listing in third-party platforms they should check it for events and block their calendar dates.

So it should be able to accommodate for numerous different calendars??

Say a vendor listed on 4 other different platforms, what is the best way to ensure my site blocks the dates that get booked on those sites? Since there is only one spot to link one external calendar.

Yes, it should be ok if you choose an intermediary calendar that supports ICS import/export, but please note that Google Calendar has no guaranteed sync time, it’s pretty random (the last time I tested it, importing took 6 hours).

If an intermediary calendar is needed, which do you suggest??

Sorry, I can’t suggest a specific one, you can use any reliable alternative to Google Maps, even a platform (e.g. you can use Airbnb as an intermediary, it seems to allow both importing and exporting ICS automatically).

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