Move Attributes from sidebar into main content of single listing page

I notice that by default, on the single listing page, the attributes all appear in the sidebar. I would prefer that they appear under the street address on the main column of the listings, but not sure how to accomplish this.

I thought I could do this in the template files, but doesn’t look that way.

Is there also a way to just add one atttrbute, let’s say Phone Number, by itself or must I display the entire attribute group?


To choose the display positions of attributes go to : Listings > Attributes > /choose an attribute or create one/ > Display section > Domains

Cordially, Zak.

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The attributes in the front-end can have different positions - primary block = near the favorite heart, visible on the home page listing - secondary block = under the data listing on the home page announcement - primary page = inside listing on the right above button contact - secondary page = inside listing under the images (above the description) - to be visible =% label %% value% - if you want to add icons change label with icon and choose the icon to be displayed in the drop-down menu -

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Please edit the attribute in Listings/Attributes and choose one of the available Display Areas (currently there are 2 areas for the listing page, but we plan to add more).

So first off, thanks for all the feedback in this thread. Let me reply to each of you individually.

Zak, I don’t see anything called Domains in the Display section.

Now, onto Valter and Ihor, I see the Primary and Secondary blocks and pages. Unfortunately, that really isn’t going to work for me. Let me explain.

For example, as you may have seen in a previous post, I created an attribute for Apt / Suite Number that should appear directly underneath the street address. Instead, it appears underneath the photo. So it looks horribly disjointed.

The client wants it to appear very different. Still two columns, but of equal size. You’ve got the ‘hp-page__content’ div set to the styles of ‘hp-col-sm-8 hp-col-xs-12’ with no way seemingly to change that. Plus, that column should just be the photo gallery and nothing else and all the data (title, address, etc.) be on the right column / sidebar. I’m uploading an example so you can see what I plan to accomplish.

I thought I could use the Template section, like I did successfully for search results, to create a single listing page template using blocks, but that doesn’t seem to be the case due to the limited selection of HivePress blocks.

It’s too bad, or maybe there is but I haven’t located it just yet, a way to just use shortcodes to display all this in the appropriate blocks in a Template.

Oh, and ignore the Stylist at this Salon section… we’re not doing that. That was a mistake by the graphic designer who mocked this up.

However, we were thinking of placing the description in that spot.

Thanks for the details. Currently there are 2 areas on the listing page where you can display attributes, if you edit an attribute you can choose Display Areas for it in the Display settings section. The Page (Secondary) area is located under the listing image, the Page (Primary) one is located at the top of the sidebar.

If advanced customizations are required then you can try rebuilding the Listing page layout completely, by adding a custom template in HivePress/Templates How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center

If you mean customizing it to 100% match the screenshot you sent this will most likely require CSS and other code customizations.

Right. I’m aware of the templates. That’s what I used to create the Listing Search Results, and that went quite nicely.

However, I don’t really see any blocks that would work if I selected the Listing option from the Templates. There’s only eight Gutenberg blocks so unless there’s something I’m missing regarding some kind of shortcodes to do this, I don’t see how this would work. Otherwise, I would most definitely use that.

Maybe I could create my own blocks. Isn’t that all stored over on HivePress/includes/blocks ?

If you want to re-build the whole listing template in HivePress/Templates it’s possible if you select the Listing template and save changes (blocks will appear after the page refresh). Please note that some blocks may not be available yet (this feature is in Beta and it requires updating all the extensions to make the blocks available). Once you add a template for the Listing page, please check the Template block category, it contains the template-specific blocks like Description, Attributes, Actions etc. and you can use these to create a custom listing page template.

Oh, now I see them! I wasn’t aware of that because they don’t appear right away. Nice surprise to be sure and now I should be able to work with this. Thanks!

Quick question though. What’s the difference between the Location block and the Details block? They both seem to display the street address.

The Details block includes the Location one and also other details (e.g. Date) but if you want to use the Location and Date separately and add them in different areas you can do this without Details, or you can simply add Details (it’s basically a group of other blocks).

Good to know. Probably won’t use that one then.

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