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Is it possible to create a multilingual site (with options to change between 2 languages) using the ExpertHive theme?

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I did it on mine by adding the Google translate widget on my footer. Appearance/Customize/widgets/footer/site footer, then select the google translate widget

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If you have user-generated content on your site (e.g. listings or reviews added by users) I recommend using some automatic solution like Google Translate plugin, because if you use multilingual plugins that require manual translation (e.g. WPML) then you’d have to translate everything for users manually (e.g. every listing or review) because they don’t have such options on the front-end, and they would probably ignore the request to add translation or keep it up-to-date.

Hi, in this thread Please i have been trying to create a bilingual website with listinghive you mention “If it’s urgent and you’re familiar with customizations or have a developer for custom work we can provide some guidance on WPML integration if this helps”. I’d like guidance on WPML integration, please, if it is possible to customize it so that the different language sites allow users to create listings only in their own language. How could I get that guidance, please? Thank you!

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to provide a front-end tool for users to do this (selecting the language they want they content to be added in), if you have user-generated content I don’t recommend mixing multiple languages within the same site because reviews, listings and all the other content will be mixed, and you’d probably to translate everything manually for users and maintain the translation since there’s no way to force users to do this and keep the translation up-to-date. If you add all the content via back-end it’s still possible, but requires code changes for WPML compatibility, please check the suggestions here Integration with WPML - #6 by ihor

For user-generated content (e.g. listings or reviews added by users via the front-end) I highly recommend choosing the primary language and using some automatic translation switcher for other languages (e.g. Google Translate plugin).

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