Integration with WPML

Hello Hivepress,

Thanks for this great plugin! I’m trying to build a multi language Hivepress site but the plugin isn’t really compatible with WPML:

  • when i translate a attribute it disappears on the front-end
  • i can only edit/add taxonomies in the main language
  • the listings page only works in the main language
  • when i translate a attribute label it shows up on the main language too

So i think Hivepress needs to separate the data based on language and stores their relationships into the database. There is a program available for making your plugin ready for WPML multilanguage:

Would you like to dive into this?

Thank you,

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we plan to integrate HivePress with WPML but there’s no ETA for this yet. I highly recommend using some automated translation solution or using separate subdomains because using WPML duplicates all the content for each language.

If it’s urgent and you’re familiar with customizations or have a developer for custom work I can provide some guidance on WPML integration if this helps.

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Hi Ihor,

Thanks for your response. My team and i did very great projects with WPML and we prefer to stick to this plugin. It works way better for SEO than most automated services. We also run sites where WPML has only contents in a specific language without copying it to other language. So i think there must be a way to create listings etc only in a specific language, because Hivepress uses a lot of WP standards.

We tested WPML and Hivepress together and these are the ‘bugs’ we discovered:

I hope we can get guidance on how to make Hivepress compatible with WPML.

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the details. Please try adding the 'suppress_filters' => false, parameter to all the get_posts occurrences in HivePress and let me know if these issues remain. Also, here’s a related topic that may be useful Listing Attributes translation in Multillingual Site with Polylang | HivePress Support

Can you share all files that need to be changed? Can we copy these template files to a child theme to make it update proof?

Sorry, I checked the codebase and there’s no way to do this yet because get_posts occurs in the core files, not template parts that can be overridden via a child theme Search · get_posts · GitHub You can try to filter the get_posts arguments for any get_posts occurrence on the site (there should be a WordPress filter hook for this), this may fix most of the WPML compatibility issues.
We’ll also try to make HivePress WPML-compatible in future updates.

Can you share the core files that need to be changed? I can stop the auto-update feature until the WPML code is part of the core. Maybe it’s possible to override the plugin with MU-plugin functions? Will Hivepress become WPML ready in near future updates? Any ETA on this? Thank you.

Unfortunately there’s no ETA for this integration yet, but we’ll check it before releasing the next update, maybe it requires just a few fixes (currently there are more critical updates required for HivePress & extensions). I can’t share a specific list of files because this requires research - I assumed that changed for get_posts arguments is required because usually WPML requires this parameter:
'suppress_filters' => false,
To switch post IDs according to the currently selected language.

Alright it would be great if you can do some fixes in the next update :).

The issue is not really in switching between posts, please take a look at this page and try switching languages: Amazing wedding dress Vindress Ivory Size 36 - Vindress

The issue is more related to attributes / taxonomies, that are not displaying properly in the front-end and back-end. If you have some time you can login into my site and check things out. You have my login in the email conversation. Thank you!

Yes, this may also resolve issues with attributes because they are implemented as a “hp_listing_attribute” post type. Without the suppress_filters parameter WPML always chooses the post ID for the default language.
Thanks, we will try to test and integrate HivePress with WPML as soon as possible.

We also have urgent need for WPML integration and do hope that you will provide it soon.


I have sane issue, there have gone more than a year since you wrote request! Is Hivepress not care about its users at all??


Please tell us which files we need to add: ‘suppress_filters’ => false,

So we can fix the issue.

Thanks for your feedback.

This feature doesn’t have a high priority at the moment because 90% of HivePress websites have user-generated content, and using WPML with user-generated content will cause performance and other issues in the long run, we don’t recommend using it. We plan to integrate WPML anyway, for those websites where all the listings are added and managed by the site admins.

The suggestion for suppress_filters is related to all the get_posts occurrences in the HivePress files, this requires advanced customizations.