Multiple review criteria instead of a single rating

First off all, I’d like to point out that the product is very nice to use, and it’s been delightful to follow the developement of the theme/plugins.

I have put together a list of features I hope you will consider adding, that I would greatly appriciate:

Hivepress Favorites
- Favorite Vendors
- Folder system to Favorites: Category sorting + Vendors/services.

Hivepress Reviews
Background: Having just a single star review makes the review in almost every case reflect the subjective opinion of the customer in regards to the product. This can be a problem, because either you like it, or you don’t (kind of). Makes it common for 4-5 start ratings or 1 star ratings, removing some of a nuances from the system.

To solve this, I think implementing a system somewhat similar to upwork will work. Firstly, they seperate the reviews into categories, then add a final review ranging from 1-10 of how likely you are to recommend the vendor to a friend/co-worker:

- 5 Part Review or customizable (example text/categories below)
	- 1-5 Communication
	- 1-5 Skills
	- 1-5 Availability
	- 1-5 Met the Requirements
	-- 1-10 How likely are you to recommend this vendor to a friend or collegue?


- The vendor block will display the average rating of all the categories mentioned above. However, clicking the rating will open a page/modal showing the average of each individual score
  - When "accepting a delivery" in the markedplace, have a pop up asking to review the vendor, or do it later (and be reminded by email a few days later)
      - Review based on completed Requests aswell as individual services


-  UI/UX Improvement to the account page. Mobile friendly navigation / iconbar
- "Online status indicator" + "Last Seen" on Vendors
- "Average Response Time" Indicator (how fast does the vendor respond?)
- A way to copy/paste export/import the Categorys and Subcategorys between Requests, Vendors and Services.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll consider adding these features. We’ll try to improve the UX of HivePress with every update in any case.
I set the main described feature in the topic title so others can vote for it, I hope it’s ok.


I agree on having more than one 1-5 star rating. Since your theme/plugin is universal, then make it where you can add (another star rating) and put a title and description. For display have either all star rating or average them all out.

Those 5 listed above does not work for restaurants.


Pls we need this thing in a hurry

Does anyone know of a third party plugin that works with Hivepress that can do this now? It’s a deal breaker for a project I’m speccing.

Honestly, I was searching for the same because I need it very badly. The “Ultimate Reviewer” Plugin has All the Features we want but Not able to use it with This. but I have hope as I found on Showcase Website List where this guy made it Possible with Plugin “wpDiscuz”. I know they used some custom snippets for this and a lot of guys like me who are non-techy and not able to afford freelancers need easy plug-and-play Solutions. But any guy can help us please do.


Unfortunately, there are no simple PHP or CSS snippets here, this user most likely added another review system using a custom integration.

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Yes, They used “wpDiscuz” for this and I guess they have a Custom Template for this… but what if Hivepress can add these functions it will be a great idea right???


Yes, it looks good. Thanks for your suggestion; we’ll consider adding this feature.

I think this is a great idea. At the very least be able to rate the vendor and include it in the average rating. I will look into making this happen on my end, and if I do I will share my code.

My first thought is to create a hidden listing for customer service, and others for other things you want to rate. Then add the ability to rate these things both on the vendor page and alongside the listing rating.

To the devs, do you have an action hook or function that I can refer to that gives a rating to a listing? And where to find the review/rating modal block/template?

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We can provide general recommendations, but you need to create a new topic in the Development category, then our developer will prompt you with information. Also, please note that we plan to add this feature during the year.

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Hi Andrii,

Will you be informing here when this feature is implemented?
Or do you have a feature-update newslist somewhere, where to see if this has been implemted?


As soon as we fix bugs or add new features, we publish a release notes post Release Notes - HivePress Community where you can view this information.

I like this suggestion, but only if it’s not like some of the others I have used in past. I voted for this.

Most I have used in past give a equal amount of value to the number of attributes within the criteria. So if there are 10 things to rank, each is worth 10% let’s say. Which is great and gets the job done.

However, in the life of things, I value air more so than I do water, I value water more so than I do some foods. In some aspects, a multiple criteria rating system should have ability to be weighted or at least a option to give more weight to a single aspect of what’s being rated.

So long as the directory discloses this information on the front end, maybe in tos, tac, or pp then its fair to do so. And it allows for a more realistic overall rating. Though it is debatable, that equality amongst the things being rated would be a better fit for most. Which I can agree with depending on the use case.