Multiple review criteria instead of a single rating

First off all, I’d like to point out that the product is very nice to use, and it’s been delightful to follow the developement of the theme/plugins.

I have put together a list of features I hope you will consider adding, that I would greatly appriciate:

Hivepress Favorites
- Favorite Vendors
- Folder system to Favorites: Category sorting + Vendors/services.

Hivepress Reviews
Background: Having just a single star review makes the review in almost every case reflect the subjective opinion of the customer in regards to the product. This can be a problem, because either you like it, or you don’t (kind of). Makes it common for 4-5 start ratings or 1 star ratings, removing some of a nuances from the system.

To solve this, I think implementing a system somewhat similar to upwork will work. Firstly, they seperate the reviews into categories, then add a final review ranging from 1-10 of how likely you are to recommend the vendor to a friend/co-worker:

- 5 Part Review or customizable (example text/categories below)
	- 1-5 Communication
	- 1-5 Skills
	- 1-5 Availability
	- 1-5 Met the Requirements
	-- 1-10 How likely are you to recommend this vendor to a friend or collegue?


- The vendor block will display the average rating of all the categories mentioned above. However, clicking the rating will open a page/modal showing the average of each individual score
  - When "accepting a delivery" in the markedplace, have a pop up asking to review the vendor, or do it later (and be reminded by email a few days later)
      - Review based on completed Requests aswell as individual services


-  UI/UX Improvement to the account page. Mobile friendly navigation / iconbar
- "Online status indicator" + "Last Seen" on Vendors
- "Average Response Time" Indicator (how fast does the vendor respond?)
- A way to copy/paste export/import the Categorys and Subcategorys between Requests, Vendors and Services.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed feedback, we’ll consider adding these features. We’ll try to improve the UX of HivePress with every update in any case.
I set the main described feature in the topic title so others can vote for it, I hope it’s ok.


I agree on having more than one 1-5 star rating. Since your theme/plugin is universal, then make it where you can add (another star rating) and put a title and description. For display have either all star rating or average them all out.

Those 5 listed above does not work for restaurants.


Pls we need this thing in a hurry

Does anyone know of a third party plugin that works with Hivepress that can do this now? It’s a deal breaker for a project I’m speccing.