Multivendor Catalog Site

Am considering building a WP multivendor catalog site. Would need vendors to be able to establish an account and be listed as a vendor for free. Would need to be able to charge for vendor to list products. Would need to replace Add to Cart button with an Inquiry button that launches a form that emails the vendor directly.

Is this possible with Hive? If so, which theme would be best to build from and what extensions would be necessary?

Will your themes work with Gutenberg blocks or other pagebuilders?


  1. Yes, you can allow vendors to register on your website for free.
  2. Yes, you can charge vendors for adding new listings.
  3. We don’t have the “Add to Cart” button since our themes are not suitable for selling physical products. If you want just to connect vendors and customers, we have a “reply” button and users can contact vendors directly on your website.

You can use our free ListingHive theme + the free Paid Listings extension.
Sure, our themes are fully integrated with Gutenberg. Also, Elementor supports some of HivePress blocks like Listings, etc., but there’s not 100% integration with it yet.

Thanks for the reply. I am testing the Messaging extension on localhost to see how it behaves.

Is there a way for internal messages to be emailed to the vendor instead? Or at least send an email notification to the vendor that they have a new message on the website?


It should work this way by default, users should get an email notification for every new message. If it’s not delivered please make sure that outgoing emails are set up correctly (e.g. via WP Mail SMTP) How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

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