My site is working very slow

Is there any way i can make my site open pages quickly? Presently it is working dead slow? from my PC and Mobile all sites are opening quickly except my site with you theme. what is the problem i do not know. My sever people says, no problem at their end. then where is the problem.

Hi, Try not to use elementor it slows down the site. It is still not 100% compatible with hivepress. Keep your site light weight. Use less plugins or delete the ones you do not need. Also, i would recommend to delay all not necessary js when loading the page, this boosted my pagespeed on mobile from 30 to over 90. Also, reCAPTCHA slows the site down a lot.

Read this: How to Speed up a HivePress-built Website | HivePress Blog

Use this to diagnose:

can you advise how to know whether my site is using elementor, how can i keep my sight light weight? what is “js” could you advise?

Elementor is a plugin people install for designing pages. I checked and you are not using elementor as you did not install this.

A check seems to indicate that Mapbox and different image sizes for your categories, etc. are slowing down your site. Follow the steps in the previous link on how to speed up a hivepress built website. It is very unusual as not much stands out from your site that you built.

I believe your main issue may be your host. You must be on a shared network. Consider upgrading plans to be on separate server.

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