Need help

Urgent need

I will like to create à plate-forme were several People will propose their services.
It can be divers from several annonces, rent cars, to rent a personal coach or buy a boat ticket.

  1. Is that possible? And which of your’s extentions are suitable for it?

  2. I will like to have price changes, like when someone books an announcement. If he choose for exemple more that one guest, the price changes according to that.

  3. I will like to add more client info details, like when he chooses the day or time of an announcement, I will like to add more information like to choses a departure location and a destination location. When that done, the price varies according to the choice.

  4. The price suffix. Is it possible to change it per catégories.
    For rent catégories it may be /Day and for location categories it may be /personne.

  5. Is it possible to reserve, and pay without having an account ? On the website ?

  6. Is it possible to have a card on the website? Knowing that all the payout are going to be donc though stipe connect.