Need to change $ sign on Price attribute to ₹ sign

Hi I wanted to change the $ sign as currency on my theme. I have done the changes but, the same is not executing on website. anyone?

The Price field is built-in if you use the Marketing and Bookings extensions. To modify it, please follow the instructions on How to change the currency symbol - HivePress Help Center

Hello Yana thanks for the solution, can i also change price / day to / person? or do i need to create new attribute for the same? Please help

Try using this snippet to Change the price display format for bookable listings #hivepress #listings #bookings · GitHub

Thanks for providing me the code. I wanted to change per day price to per person price only in a specific category not for the all categories because, in this one category we are receiving bookings per person basis not per day basis, is this possible ?

please help

Unfortunately there’s no way to disable pricing per day if you have day-based bookings, the price will be multiplied by the number of days in any case, but it’s possible to disable multiplication by places globally (in HivePress/Settings/Bookings). If you want to change the price format please try using the suggested snippet, it’ll change the format for listings in all categories where Bookings are enabled (you can restrict the booking features to specific categories).

can you please guide me step by step process …we are having specific category of campaing in that nd we have to take booking into per persons booking .
please help me

I can provide the code snippet to change the display format depending on categories, but the actual booking calculation will not work this way, unfortunately it’s not possible to disable the multiplication by days - if you have day-based bookings and multiple days are selected the price will be multiplied by the number of days. Please let me know if it’s ok.

Thanks, i removed the per day option by the settings you suggested but, still not solving my purpose its showing nothing now, what if i can add a number of people to multiply with this price at the time of booking is this possible? Actually, this cost is per person basis in camping’s category.


Please describe the required functionality and I’ll try to find a solution or at least a workaround.

If you mean enabling the number of guests, please enable “Multiple places per booking” option in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, then a new field for the places (guests) quantity will appear in the booking form, the booking price will be always multiplied by the number of guests and days. You can also disable multiplication by places in HivePress/Settings/Bookings, then the price will not be multiplied by the number of places.

By default, bookings will display prices in “$123 / day” format, but you can override it globally using this code snippet Change the price display format for bookable listings #hivepress #listings #bookings · GitHub

Hope this helps.

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