New icons

If there is a way to add new icons in the add service panel?

Please send more details about this issue, do you mean adding more icons for selection (e.g. categories or attributes)? If you use one of our premium themes, we use Font Awesome and Line Awesome icon sets (depending on the theme):

I have a [TaskHive] theme, I saw that you have Font Awesome, but there are more icons than you have in your theme. Is there any way to add them? Because there are many more icons on the Font Awesome site, and there aren’t a couple that I need.

Please make sure that you’re searching their free set because we can’t include their premium set in the theme for sale. We use v5 now but plan to switch to v6.
It may be possible to add a new icon if you use a plugin like this one Font Awesome – WordPress plugin | Let me know if you have their premium set and you connect it via the plugin, then it’s possible to insert a new icon for selecting via a custom code snippet.

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