New users not being added as a vendor

Sorry for all of the questions lately. I have transferred my site (was on a random sub domain until I figured out what I want my domain name to be) to it permanent domain. While testing, I have found that when I add a new user by picking a membership plan it is adding the user and a membership but not adding them as a vendor. What could I be missing? Is it because I didn’t tell you I transferred my membership license? (Old site was - new site is thanks.

Please share more details about this issue - if you mean just assigning the Memberships plan to a user via the back-end, this doesn’t turn users into vendors; there are three ways to do this:

  • Adding a listing via front-end by the user. Once the listing is approved, the user gets a vendor profile, and his role changes to Contributor)
  • Adding a listing via the back-end by the site admin and selecting this user as a Vendor (publishing this listing will generate a vendor profile for a user, and the role will be changed).
  • Changing the user role manually and adding a vendor profile manually in the WordPress/Vendors section.

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