New Vendor Category?

What’s the purpose of the new Vendor Category? Aside from filtering. I suspect eventually to enable notifications for Requests by category? Looks like Vendors can only choose one category. Our Vendors will post in numerous categories and in turn need to receive request notifications from multiple. Hopefully when this feature is rolled out it will allow multiple selection for Vendor category.

It can be used for filtering and category-specific attributes, e.g. if there are multiple vendor types with different profile fields (like Person or Company). If multiple selection is required please try using a custom Select attribute instead, vendor categories work the same way as the listing ones and there’s also a single selection - this is required for distinguishing the listing types.

The new feature - “categories for vendors” are made only in the drop-down menu and are not immediately visible.
Is it possible to add the a radio button for the vendor category?

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility, it requires advanced customization

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