Next release of HivePress

When is next official release of hivepress scheduled?

Sorry, there’s no exact date but it’ll be available this week for sure.

Will the online and offline status be available in this new update?

Also the red notification at the top of the username account when the receive messages. Can we now get same notification when offers are been made to a request? Notifying then Person who made the request.


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Sorry, this one is not planned for the next update but we plan to add a page for received private requests to the vendor account in the next Requests update.

Having that red notification is really necessary and would help users know when offers are being made on their request. Instead of depending on email notifications when offers are been made while they’re still on the site.

Thanks, we’ll try to improve this. Currently there are no notifications for received offers because they have no read/unread status (so there’s no way to check if the notice should be hidden), but we’ll try to find a solution.

Thanks alot @ihor

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