No grid layout for listings on Chrome desktop

Maybe its on my end. Chrome/firefox both set to zoom 100%. I get the grid layout for categories, but not for listings. Just one column on desktop. My site, and the listinghive demo shows the same layout, one column, on desktop. In chrome tools it (listing hive demo) stays one column. I dont have this issue on firefox, but it does goes to one column below 960px then above switches to a grid layout. on my computer, on chrome, my viewport size is 1038px / dpr 1.85 and on firefox 1024px dpr 1.88. Chrome seems to ignore that 960px. Also tried in ingognito

There’s a breakpoint for 1 column at 768px, it seems to be ok when I test it in Chrome. If you get 1 column for bigger screen sizes, please send a link to your site and I’ll check it.

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