No user can submit an offer to the requests


I’m creating a website with an ExpertHive theme, and I have activated all the plugins, but I’m facing a problem: No user can submit an offer to the requests. When someone tries to submit an offer on request, it shows only vendors can submit an offer, and there is no option for vendor registration. I see your documentation playlist on YouTube, where the tutor says you have to enable direct registration so anyone can submit an offer to request. I did that, and it still had the same error,
Here is my website link. Please have a look and guide me through the correct solution.
Here is the screen-recording link that might help you understand my concerns:
My website link:


This is the way it works by default, only the vendor can submit an offer on request, the user, unfortunately, cannot do this.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

But how a user can register as a vendor?


As soon as a user has at least one published listing, he automatically becomes a vendor, and, thus a user with a different role. Now, you can register on the site through the Register button or Add Listing. You can also add a separate direct registration for vendors, please check this doc How to add a vendor registration form

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