Non-selling category still requiring price

In settings, Under Selling I have listed the categories I want to be product listings and excluded non-selling categories by not listing them here. However, when creating a listing in a non-selling category, the attributes are still requiring pricing and have security deposit, extra, tiers etc.


Please let me know if you also use Bookings, there’s a temporary requirement for bookings to have pricing in any case if Marketplace is also enabled.

I do have booking extension activated, but also have not made this category bookable in settings.

Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue and we’ll check it. You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

I use marketplace and bookings plugins and I’m also experiencing the same problem with non-selling categories. Please post the solution here once you achieve one.

Yes, if you use Bookings unfortunately you can’t make specific listing categories non-sellable, with Bookings pricing options are added to all listings but you should be able to restrict Bookings to specific categories instead.

Will this be fixed or changed in the future?

1 - When creating a new listing, is there a way to hide the price field when the user selects a non-sellable category?
2 - How can we hide the price block and the booking block on the listing page of non-sellable categories?

Yes, we will try to make settings more specific and add options on each level (global, per category, per listing).

  1. Yes, if you don’t use Bookings it should actually be hidden, please make sure that there’s no custom Price attribute in Listings/Attributes.
  2. Unfortunately this may not work if you use Bookings because they always require pricing features, this is a limitation of the current version. Non-sellable categories should function as expected without bookings enabled.

Is this anticipated in the next update of bookings? or other ETA?

Unfortunately I can’t say for sure about the next update but we definitely have this on the roadmap.

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