Not all top level categories shown in sidebar filters

I have created several categories on my website. Each with at least one listing. The problem is that it only shows some of the categories in the sidebar filters and others not, in fact, it does so randomly: For example, if I were to add a new category right now, it might show it in the filters and the Do not show the next category that you create, always creating the two categories exactly the same and with the default options, without modifying anything at all.

I attach images to show the problem.

*Note: If I select the option to put the dropdown to select categories in the search bar, all the categories appear without any problem, but when I want the category filter to be in the sidebar several categories remain undisplayed.

Thanks in advance, I’ll be waiting for your answer


It looks like a caching issue. Please try disabling all third-party plugins and clear your cache.

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