Notification When Offer Submitted & Changing Menu Wording

I’ve found that there is no alert notification on the website when an offer is submitted, which makes it easy to lose a submitted offers. Is there a way to enable a notification (outside of just email)?

Also related to offers - the user menu wording is confusing. There is a tab for “offers”, but I’d like to change that wording to be “Submitted Offers”, to distinguish where they see offers they’ve made others vs offers they’ve received on their own items. I DO NOT want to use the translate plugin, since that would change the word everywhere. I only want to change it in the menu.


  1. Unfortunately, there’s no such feature, but thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature.

  2. This is possible, but will require a custom implementation, you can check out this sample PHP snippet Add a custom item to the user account menu #hivepress #users · GitHub

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