Notifications for deleted users and listings

Hi guys!

I was testing the exclusion of profile and listing by the user and I realized that when I delete the profile or listing the plugin don’t sent any notification to the user and to the admin. Do you know if exist the possibility of sent these notifications when the user do this? Thanks!

If you mean listing reject, you must click Trash to the listing which is in pending status. After this user receives the Listing Rejected email.

No, I mean that when the user delete your profile or your listing at front-end, doesn’t sent a notification.

If you need I can make a step by step of I want to say

Yes, currently there are no notifications for actions when users perform them by themselves, since they confirm every action. For example, when they delete their own listing, they confirm the deletion in the modal window so they know that it’s deleted. When the submit a listing and wait for approval, they get a notification since the approval/rejection action is performed by another user (admin) so they don’t know when this action happens exactly.

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Ok, I get it. Do you know if exist the intention of insert this notifications?


These are not planned at the moment (notifications are sent to recipients only, e.g. in case of messages senders don’t get a notification since they’re aware that they send a message, it’s similar with listings), but thanks - we’ll consider adding them.

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