Notify vendors about new requests send only 10 email

If i enable Notify vendors about new requests as shown in the picture below,
Emails are sent to vendors when new requests are discovered every hour.
By the way, only 10 emails are sent per hour. There are 2,000 vendors. I wish more emails were sent out. Is there a limit on the number of emails sent by the plugin?
I am using Wp mail SMTP and Elastic Email, php mailer and I shared it with them, but I received a reply that it was not their problem, but it seemed to be influenced by WooCommerce or other plugins.


Thanks for reporting this; the bug is confirmed; we’ll fix it as soon as possible. As a temporary solution, you can modify this limit in WP Dashboard > Plugins > Plugin File Editor > select HivePress Requests on the top right > follow this path hivepress-requests/includes/components/class-offer.php > and change the limit value on line 239 from 10 to the value you need.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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