Only allowing client to add listing

Hi, I am creating a car website for a client’s car dealership and I want the client to have access to the front-end to add and hopefully remove listings without the chance of someone else coming on the website and trying to add a listing to their website. Please assist.


You can disable the front-end listing submission in the WP Dashboard > HivePress > Settings > Listings section. In that case, only the website admins will be able to add new listings.

Yes I understand but is there a way without giving my client access to the backend? I was thinking of a way that only they (the client) could login from the front end and submit

This depends on how you differentiate regular users and clients, do you set a custom role for clients in WordPress/Users? By default, listings have to be approved/rejected anyway so maybe hiding this button in header and adding it to a custom landing page for clients will work, and even if regular users find this page and try to submit an unwanted listing you can always reject it with 1 click.

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