Only one active plan

I created a plans page for the user to choose a plan. However, the user can activate more than one plan. I would like to limit only one active plan at a time. If you activate 1, deactivate the other.

Unfortunately there no such option yet because plans are similar to packages, if the old plan is still active it’s expiration period will not be added to a new one so both plans are kept and the one with lower restrictions is used. We’ll change this one we merge Paid Listings and Memberships into a single monetization extension (this will be probably done via the Memberships update).

And when will this update happen, would I have to pay again?

Jhor, any alternative some php code to prevent the user from activating two plans at the same time?

  1. No, if we release it via Membership and you already have it, then you don’t have to re-purchase it

  2. Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, it would require a custom implementation. If customizations beyond the available features are required for your site, please consider hiring someone for custom work

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