Opening hours per day


I would like to set up different opening hours for each day of the week.

How do I do that?


After you install this extension there will be a new Opening Hours section in the listing edit form, where you can set up hours for different days.

I bought the “rental hive” theme, this extension should no longer be included in the theme. Because when you try to install it, you need to pay 29 dollars.


Please note that this theme does not include the Opening Hours extension, you need to purchase it separately.

Does the “open hours” extension block the listing’s calendar? Does it influence the time interval rule?


No, this is a separate extension and is not related to the Bookings extension.

And how do I block the calendar so that it stays the same as opening hours? The “time intervals” configuration should be the same as the “opening hours” it doesn’t make sense for this to be different and for me to have to manually block it using the calendar.


Unfortunately, in this version, you can only manually block the calendar, but we will try to improve this in future updates.

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