OpenStreetMaps (LeafletJS) integration

is it possible to integrate a free alternative to Google maps in your plugin?
If yes, is it possible to import a csv with the latitude, longitude.
I’m looking to integrate it automatically in the listing

There’s no LeafletJS integration at the moment, but I highly recommend using Mapbox, it has a pretty high free limit enough for websites with average traffic.

I too would much rather use a free option than MapBox or Google, which both require credit card/billing details in order to sign up/use… yes, the free level might be generous, but I assume that all it would take to go over it is to have a lot of bot activity… so until a free option is added I will probably disable the maps - please add option to use a free maps service such as LeafjetJS or OpenStreetMaps API

(PS: Sorry, I didn’t see this post until after I’d already made a feature request post for OpenStreetMaps API)

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We use Mapbox for all the theme demos and it didn’t require billing details - I highly recommend using it until another map provider is available in HivePress. We will consider adding Leaflet in any case.

ok i installed mapbox but it doesn’t work.
I copied the Default public token in the dashbord of your plugin and i don’t see google maps visible.
I have a error message

Google Maps cannot be loaded correctly on this page.
Do you own this website?

If you decide to use Mapbox and set its API key, please select it as a map provider instead of Google Maps in HivePress/Settings/Geolocation.

ok thanks, it work

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My mapbox is working but no mean to use it because with plenty of settings it makes site’s speed to almost 70% slower. My country is bigger so can’t make attributes because it will look cheaper else it’s better than mapbox

Thanks, we’ll try to resolve the performance issues related to Mapbox in the next Geolocation update, e.g. by loading all their scripts and styles asynchronously.

Thanks a lot sir

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