Option to customize the map


I would like to change the icons on google maps so that they show the listing price in a box like airbnb.

current version:

the version I want (Airbnbs version):

Sorry, there’s no such option at the moment, this would require a custom implementation (I moved the topic to Feature Requests - we’ll consider adding this option).


@ihor We really need this feature to work! Do you have any suggestions how to implement this?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, if you mean showing prices instead of markers this would require advanced customizations.

@ihor Ok no problem. Do you have any suggestion where to start?

Yes, if you have a developer please check the hivepress-geolocation/assets/js/common.js file. The main issue is that this file can’t be overridden without editing it directly, and any direct changes are erased on update.

We could share our code with you when we solve this so you could make this feature available for everyone and this would also solve the erase issue. Or we need to dissable updates an how would we do that? if you have any other suggestion please feel free to share it with me.

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to resolve this, but if you customize this JS file please keep it outside of the Geolocation plugin directory, you can do this by changing the geolocation script URL via the hivepress/v1/scripts hook, and keeping the new edited JS file in the child theme directory.
Hope this helps.

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