Option to hide the phone number

With last update the new mobile atribute options looks very nice. Will be cool if hidded information is included and no indexed in google for mobile

Please send more details, do you mean the “reveal on click” functionality? You can try customizing the attribute display format to ask Google not to index this part of the page, there seem to be a few ways Tell Google to Not Index Certain Parts of Your Page | Perishable Press

Yes, but if i tell google to no index i got issues also for listings , so hide and reveal mobile number will be cool option

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. Setting noindex may be possible for just a part of the page (instead of excluding the whole URL), but I can’t say for sure.

Thanks, Ihor
Its posible only if u make new pages from phone numbers. i wil weit for the update

Hi Nikolay, this feature is actually already available, but it requires the paid “Memberships” addon - see this (short) video:

hope this helps,
regards Karen