Option to restrict the location search results (e.g. to cities, countries)

Would be awesome to be able to have a checkbox in the settings that only allows the users to search for cities in the searchbar. As for now, it can look a bit cluttered when they try to search for cities, and adresses etc turn up aswell in the searchbar.

Thanks, we’ll consider adding this feature. We also plan to add the location format option, e.g. to remove extra details from locations if it’s a country or city-specific websites (so indicating the country is not required).


We were just about to change the search mask to meet this requirement. Would be very useful to limit the search results to locations available for search. @ihor is there any time frame that you can tell when this option will be implemented? Let us say within 4 weeks?

PS: Thank you so much for the latest updates! Really grateful to work with HP systems especially seeing it develop.


If you mean restricting the drop-down results to cities only, this feature is not added to the roadmap yet, but we plan to implement the “location format” one as soon as possible. We’ll check if it’s also possible to apply the same setting to the location drop-down results, then this feature will be implemented at the same time.