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  1. How do i remove the “Order Again” button from this page
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  2. how do i make all the content fit in the requests block
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  3. when i try to reset password. It changes but it doesn’t redirects to the login page so users can login. it redirects to the page Screenshot by Lightshot

  4. No emails to vendors when they buy paid lisiting packages from the website. atleast emails like complete order is supposed to go to the users just like how it does when someone pays a vendor for a paticular task.

  5. After creating an account it doesn’t redirect to the login page but rather it redirects to the home page and you have to login. at the point you’re not sure if your account was successfully created and all

  6. When a vendor lists a service and a user wishes to buy the service. there’s no room to adjust the price of the vendor’s listing just incase the task the user is interested getting done will require other expenses and buying the listing directly wont cover that.

  7. I created a paid listing packages for vendors to list their products. After buying one of the paid packages to list a service, I check the placed order in the vendor’s dashboard and show its processing even after the payment has been successful and the listing is already functional with the paid listing package attributes. Can it just completed automatically since the payment was successful because it’s a transaction between the vendor and the website not a user and also why is it showing purchased from the name of the site admin instead of the website name. See picture below

Thanks @ihor @yevhen


  1. Please try this solution Removing the “order again” button | WordPress.org
  2. This issue is probably caused by location, it doesn’t allow line breaks, you can try this CSS snippet Location doesn't fit on one line | HivePress Support
  3. Please make sure that you check the link right after the password reset, it should redirect to the success page and login users automatically.
  4. Make sure that outgoing emails are set up properly (e.g. via YaySMTP), WooCommerce should send the order-related emails for any orders.
  5. By default, the login form always redirects users to the current page or the URL set in the “?redirect=” parameter. It works this way to prevent disrupting intended actions, e.g. if someone clicked Favorite or Send Message and registered or logged in they’ll probably want to stay on the same page to continue the action (otherwise they’d have to search for this listing again and return to it). If you want to redirect users when they are logged in on the Home page you can try this snippet Redirect on login to My Account instead of homepage
  6. You can try using tiers and extras for this purpose, another solution is using requests - then user can post a completely custom request with specific budget, then vendor(s) can suggest their price with offers.
  7. You can tr marking the linked package product as Virtual and/or Downloadable, WooCommerce should complete such orders automatically.
  1. I just did what you suggested and it didn’t work. all the contents didn’t fit in. please note that the image above is the request page not listing page. Screenshot by Lightshot

  2. This image Screenshot by Lightshot displayed after I’ve finished setting a new password. It didn’t tell me if it was successfully changed or not, it just said the link has expired. At this points users may get confused if the password really got changed or not.

  3. I mean after creating a new account( a first time user). After creating an account as a new user it’s supposed to show the login page so I can login with my just created account details. but it redirects to the homepage without even logging in. at this point the user is not sure if the account was successfully created and have to navigate to login but if the login page open immediately after the account has been created it will be easy for the user to login. i hope you understand.

  4. I’m sorry can you please explain the tiers and extras.

  5. how do i stop this Screenshot by Lightshot

  6. When I click on bronze packages here:

It redirects to this page. How do I remove the link in “bronze package”. See picture to see where it redirects me to after clicking on it

Thanks @ihor

  1. Please send a link to this page and I’ll check it.

  2. I recommend checking this on the demo site, if this issue can’t be reproduced it’s most likely caused by server-level settings or other plugins - we use the core WP function for generating the password reset link.

  3. This seems to be related to 3, if the user is registered (email verification also requires clicking on the received link) they shouldn’t get the login form again, they should be logged in automatically on registration.

  4. If you enable them in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Selling please check the listing edit form, there will be fields for defining tiers (base price variations) and extras (multiple price add-ons that can be selected in the purchase form).

  5. Please send a link to this page, this may be related to 2 - the location pushes the column width.

  6. Yes, WooCommerce may link to the corresponding product page. Please try marking this product as Hidden in Catalog settings on the right while you edit the product, this may hide the link. Another option is blocking the click via CSS.

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