Order status is not changed to Processing after the payment

Hi there Team HP

We’ve run into a problem and I can’t see any settings that have been changed to possibly be causing this.

Once a booking (order) has been made and the payment successfully processed by the payment aggregator something isn’t happening in the back-end, as the buyer now get to a screen informing “Thanks for your payment. Once it has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation via email.” and the booking (order) notification emails aren’t being triggered.
Where in the past, the screen informed of success and the email were triggered.

I have checked the Bookings (Orders) tab in HivePress Settings, and manual delivery and completion are not currently set.

I’ve also run through the WooCommerce settings, and I can’t find any setting that makes sense to be causing this and needs changing.

Am I trying to find the issue in the wrong places? What could be causing this now?

THANKS in advance for the support!

Resolved. :wink:

The Notify URL set at the payment aggregator was incorrect.


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