Orders account menu item

Hi guys!

The order field appears at user page, same no listing in the count of user.

Screenshot por Lightshot (prnt.sc)

Can you see this? Thanks!

Please make sure that this user has no orders, if there is (or was) at least 1 order (placed for buyers, or received for vendors) then this menu item will appear.

Yes, had an order.

In my process, the user choose the listing and the day and hour for reservation.

The next step it’s pay for reservation, in other words, there are an order, but at the field order of the user, don’t show the order what he ordered.

The order was already paid.

Please send the exact steps to reproduce this issue along with the temporary access link to support@hivepress.io and I’ll check it.

Ok! I sent the e-mail. Tell me if you need anything.


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