Orders Not Showing In Vendor Dashboard

Hello! One of my vendors just reached out to me regarding their dashboard. The orders are not showing up on their dashboard. The bookings tab is there, but not the orders tab. When clicked “View Order” in the new booking, it sends them to the site’s homepage.

My admin account does not have this issue, it works as intended, it seems to only be affecting my vendor’s accounts.

I believe I just found the issue. I have a deposit plugin that has a “partially Paid” order status, and for the orders tab to appear, there has to be a “completed” order. I thought of two possible options to fix this.

  1. Is there a snippet I can use to show the orders tab for everyone, even if they do not have any order yet?

  2. Could I alter the code for any woocommerce order status to trigger the “Orders” tab to appear?


Thank you for the detailed explanation. We have investigated this question in more detail and found out that it is a specific feature of your functionality. This can be changed, but additional customization is required.

Please send a quote, as yall are already doing something else for me as well. Thank you.

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