Package listings count lowers after listing rejected


I am using Rentalhive. I added a package that allows for 3 listings, and I have set that the listings are moderated before they are published.

I tested with one user purchasing this package, and then this user tries to upload a listing. Me, as administrator, have rejected this listing (for testing).

Nevertheless, the listings count of the user has decreased by one. I think this should not happen, because the user did not really get his listing approved.

I do not think this is a bug, but probably a flow error. In my opinion, the listings count inside a package should only decrease after approving a listing.

I have checked again and as soon as a user clicks on “Submit listing”, his listings count has decreased already, before the admin has a chance to review it.


Thank you for your feedback; we are aware of this bug and will fix it in the next update.

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