Page Speed Insights not recognizing Webp format

I am wondering if this is my imagination or this is an issue. When I run google page speed insights with hivepress/listinhive enabled, my page is flagged for not having next generation images deployed. I do have a child theme running, but for the purpose of this exercise I will be disabling it on my local, to show the issues I am using imagify to transform my images.

For the record, this is a test of my live site run locally and on page speed insights - you can see it flags my images

I will walk through the steps.

This is a screen shot of my performance on local with hivepress plugin/listing hive/and my child theme enabled. You can see next gen images are getting flagged. I have included a screenshot of my code to show that the images are in the code

Child Theme Eliminated

I am now running hivepress plug/listinghive without my child theme. Again next gen images are not being found.

Listing Hive Theme Deactivated - Running 2023
While I still have the hivepress plugins running, I deactivate the listing hive theme, issue still exists

Deactivate the Hivepress Plugin - 1.6.16 while Running 2023
The impact of the issue is greatly decrease, webp images are being recognized by pagespeed insights

Running ListingHive Theme, without Hivepress Plugin
Again, next-gen images are not being detected, but are being rendered

Listing Hive/HivePress Plugin running
Next Gen Images are not being detected

My question is, "is this a known bug with the theme? How can I get webp images recognized by google?

I’ve also tested this with a stripped down deployment of hivepress/Listing hive. Images have been turned in to webp with imagify and Page speed insights still gets with png/jep served to it

Could you please tell me which plugin you use for webp images?

Hi there - imagify

Please check if you have enabled webp replacement in your plugin.

As seen in the images below, webp is enabled

Same thing on my clean install

Is there a recommended webp plugin?

Any thoughts on this?

Please try using another caching & optimization plugin, this issue seems to be specific to the plugin you’re using. I recommend using LiteSpeed or WP Rocket, these are all-in-one solutions for caching, images, JS & CSS optimization. We use LiteSpeed and it seems to replace images in the listing gallery with their WebP versions (they have “Enable WebP replacement” option for this).

Much thanks - Converter for Media also seems to work

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