Page with default vendor attributes

Hi there,

I have a page for Vendors listing with the search bars etc.

Lets say

I was wondering if its possible to do pages where its the same thing but with a vendor attribute set as default.

E.g. which is same vendor page but with results set to filter by attribute to hotels

Then I can have a list of shortcut urls for vendors

But given its the same vendor page, users can change the filters and use the shortcut page, the same as the default vendor page.

Thank you


You can simply create several different vendor categories that will display only listings within these categories.

Alternatively, you can add a “Select” attribute and enable the “Pages” option to create a page for each attribute option.

Thank you,

The attribute is a check box. I have other attributes that are Select which I used to test but do not see where pages are created. Can you please guide me where I’d be able to find this?

Alternatively could I have a blank page redirect to an internal page like

Where the URL includes the search filter? Cheers


Sorry, the “pages” feature can be used for the “select” attributes only.
To enable “pages” for the “select” attribute, go to Listings > Attributes > Add New section and add a new “select” attribute. Once you publish it, check out the “Display” section and there a checkbox should appear as shown on the screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

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