Paid Listing packages

After creating a paid listings packages, i tried to buy a listing and it shows processing in the order section after the purchase of the listing is successful. also it shows purchased by moses and even if i delete the moses account it will be another user account. please see picture Screenshot by Lightshot

  1. Can the button for dispute be adjusted please. it’s close to the complete button making everything unprofessional on mobile, see picture Screenshot by Lightshot


  1. Thanks for reporting this, we’ll try to integrate Marketplace with Paid Listings better, currently Marketplace doesn’t recognize the difference between a listing and the package order.

  2. We’ll try to improve the UX, please consider keeping it as is until then because disputing requires entering a message and another confirmation button in any case.

Please when is the next paid listing plugin update coming up? it’s long over due as it keeps causing confusion. Please help us Thanks.

Sorry, there’s no ETA for the next Paid Listings update yet but we’ll try to deliver it as soon as possible. There may be a temporary fix if you’re familiar with customizations, e.g. by adding a unique vendor ID to the order page and hiding specific elements via CSS.

Can you please explain how I can go about this temporary fix?

Unfortunately there’s no simple code snippet for this, but if you’re familiar with coding you can try to filter the body_class hook and add a unique class if the current order has a vendor and it’s not linked to a package, and the style the page via this CSS class.

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