Partial refund Stripe Connect then close order

Hey team,

I have tested Stripe connect and I’m impressed by the demo mode how it works so far. It’s a bit complicated to understand all the moving parts in the beginning and did some successful tests.

Refunding (tested with credit card demo) works well. I’m wondering how I could the following work best.

Sometimes if a booking gets cancelled short before the start of the booking, the terms would allow for only a partial refund. The owner can then select the amount and the partial refund is then transferred back automatically. So far so good.

However the order will not get the status “refunded”. If I change it to refunded it will show as a full refund and there is no trigger to transfer the remaining amount to the vendor - commission.
If I manually change the order to “completed” then it will transfer the original amount from the Stripe account to the vendor, while also the client got the partial refund.

Not sure what would be the best option here. Ideally I would like that after the partial refund, the order is closed and the remaining money is transferred to the vendor account - commission as normal.

Please send more details about the issue, have you enabled refunds for vendors (to allow them to trigger partial refunds)? If I understand correctly, when a partial refund is made via the front-end (order page), the order still has the Completed status?

Almost, let me explain better.

When the vendor gives a partial refund for the booking I like to trigger a payout for the remaining money to the vendor minus our commission over the remainder. So this means my vendor should only have a single refund option.

So if booking is $100 and the vendor sends a $60 refund,

  • Stripe partial refund is triggered for $60 (works ok)
  • Order is closed
  • Remaining funds payout to vendor = $40 - commission.

Now when a partial refund is done the order remains open and no payout is triggered. However when I manually change the order to completed after partial refund, the full $100 - commission, payout is triggered while there was a partial refund of $60 already.

Thanks for the use-case details. Unfortunately there’s no way to do this at the moment, since Refunded order amounts are not added to the vendor balance, but this would be a useful feature - we’ll try to deliver it with the upcoming updates.


That would be perfect. Since then the vendor can fully manage their refunds.

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Hi Ihor,

I’m just bouncing off your answer because I agree with Ruurdniepoth :

Setting up the refunds to charge the sellers and not our platform would be great and would really make it possible to use the partial refund feature.
Without it, it’s complicated to set it up and to expose ourself to the risk of paying what the sellers should have refunded.

Thank you for your work !

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the refund process. I recommend processing payouts (in case if you use manual payouts) on the “15th of the next month” basis, this way there’s always a 14-day delay to cover possible refunds for customers before sending funds to sellers.

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Hi Ihor,

Ok I see, thanks for the clarification !

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